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Choose Crockers for Rental Property Management in Auckland

Crockers is the largest single-office property management company in New Zealand for a good reason – thousands of property owners with family homes, apartments and investment properties trust us to manage their most reliable asset.

As Auckland property management leaders, the Crockers team gain in expertise every day thanks to a pool of properties. We also bring honesty, traditional family values and integrity built up over 45 years.

The Crockers team of over 45 Property Management staff and 30 Property Managers help everyone, from New Zealand investors to foreign investors including Chinese investors and everyone in-between. Whether you’re overseas or living in Auckland, we’re here to help so your investment property management is never too complicated.

As ideal quality property managers, Crockers provide

  • Feedback and advice about how to maximise the value and rental yield from your property
  • Solutions to ensure no rent arrears occur
  • A guarantee of money back if service is sub-standard
  • Feedback and advice which is intelligent and honest
  • Management of accounts for your property which is comprehensive and maximises rental returns
  • Marketing of your property to ensure a high rate of occupancy and minimise weeks without tenants
  • Emergency phone numbers so you can reach the property manager and tenants 24/7

We focus on keeping both owners and occupants satisfied no matter where in Auckland that may be. We also specialise in body corporate property management around New Zealand. Crockers take care of apartments, penthouse suites, flats, villas, newly built homes and older properties, taking the risk out of Auckland property management.

I haven’t yet bought my investment rental property – what are the steps towards turning it into a rental?  

Some neighbourhoods attract work-focused singles, other neighbourhoods attract family-focused groups. If you haven’t yet bought your Auckland rental investment property, Crockers can advise on the types of tenants who traditionally want to be in the neighbourhood.

  • An apartment, flat, unit, historic villa or new build each comes with its own pros and cons. Ask us for advice.
  • Location benefits are affected by whether you’re looking at tenants who want a school zone, or to be near transport, or the central business district
  • Gardens seem essential for some properties but non-essential in others. Crockers can advise on whether a garden is a dealbreaker in your rental property or not
  • While your bank will advise you if you have a loan to purchase your property, Crockers will step in to advise on market rent and how this affects repaying the loan through good tenancies. We have advice on how much you should spend on the property, how much rent and bond to expect
  • Crockers follow market trends, updates and insights closely. We’re here to advise on changes to the Residential Tenancies Act such as smoke alarm rules and letting fee changes

Our staff are here to help. No matter what questions you have we’re happy to answer them.


For reliable property management services in Auckland, contact our experts Brenda and Mark on:
Phone 09 623 5952 (redirects to mobile)| Email pm@crockers.co.nz


Crockers Property Management is a member of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ). Our Property Managers undergo regular training and development workshops.



Crockers的声誉是建立在一个引以为傲的家庭传统——诚信之上,这构成了我们集团文化的基石, 也是我们开展业务的方式。我们是新西兰本土超过四十年经营历史的公司,同时也是新西兰独立规模最大的物业管理企业。


我们对于租客拖欠租金采取零容忍的政策,当您成为我们的客户时,我们真正关心的是大家能够达到双赢的结果。 通过我们多年的行业经验,我们精心打造并调整我们的流程和系统,以确保对您的物业的管理达到最佳的水准 – 让您与您的租客都满意。


  • 退款服务保证
  • 租金拖欠零容忍
  • 诚实的反馈和建议
  • 全面的帐户管理
  • 针对您的物业进行高效的推广
  • 一个专一的单点联系人
  • 一个顺利的出租过程
  • 方便您和您租户联系的7*24的紧急联络服务
  • 最大化的回报
  • 定期的市场调研

若想获取出租评估,请联系 Leon Ma
电话:09 968 3330    手机号码: 021 575 419    电子邮箱:leon@crockers.co.nz



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