Locating An Executive Living Tenant

Tenant selection is one of Crockers’ key services.

Executive Tenants

Our experienced property managers screen candidates to find which tenants’ lifestyle best matches the property.

With a lifestyle of office work and meetings, executive tenants require access to reliable transport, commercial premises, gyms, quiet time and sometimes, nightlife.

What is an executive tenant?

  • They lead lifestyles described as ‘time poor’ – often working in roles involving a steady high-income salary and extensive time away from the property.
  • They are responsible, professional, and look after the property.
  • Many want a rental furnished with lamps, rugs, beds, kitchenware, and sometimes more.
  • They may be attracted to an apartment in the city centre, or prefer somewhere with a view.
  • They may want properties close to restaurants, gyms, nightlife, and other personal services
  • They want easy access to reliable transport, commercial premises, and Auckland’s business hubs.
  • They may be business people, executives, diplomats, bankers, entrepreneurs.

Screening executive tenants for such a property is taken care of by your trained professional property manager.

Crockers’ Executive Property Specialists help ensure you receive the best possible service that, at a minimum, meets Crockers Service Guarantee – which comes with a money-back guarantee. We are very careful about both the tenants we accept and the Executive properties we manage.

The wider team of professional property managers at Crockers, which comprises of property investment managers, leasing agents and new business managers, help provide backup for this key part of our business.

Corporate Tenants

Screening for the right executive tenants involves:

  • Getting a picture of the lifestyle of the right applicant and whether periodic tenancy is the best option
  • Matching the tenants’ income with the best rent for the property, as suggested by market conditions
  • Agreeing on the sort of property the tenant needs and making sure it’s the best fit
  • Managing the lease with the tenant to ensure they too, as much as the owner, have a thoroughly professional experience and feel considered and important.

Tenant Selection and Monitoring

Our Executive Living Specialists provide a full leasing service including

  • Showing potential tenants through your home
  • Providing you with regular feedback.
  • Writing and signing leases, Bonds, all paperwork
  • Organised and emergency maintenance
  • Ensuring tenants pay the rent
  • Ensuring owners get paid

Property Inspection Programme

  • Crockers offers a planned inspection programme for the property and employ reliable tradespeople to keep the property in order.

Quality Tenants

Marketing the Property

Crockers use a range of marketing tools to give your property maximum exposure to executive tenants, including:

  • Your Place – a printed and electronic daily listing
  • Referrals, so tenants come with a reliable reputation
  • Awareness of the Crockers Brand thanks to radio, outdoor media, digital and print advertising and social media.
  • Internet Marketing on our own website and sites such as: Homes.co.nz, Hougarden.co.nz, trademe.co.nz, oneroof.co.nz, realestate.co.nz, Wechat, Facebook, Skykiwi.co.nz
  • Email – ‘Crockers Property Spotter Alerts’
  • Word of mouth

Crockers’ Quality Assurance policy

Crockers manage over 18,000 units and 1000 body corporates around New Zealand, and a mix of houses, apartments, villas and more. 

Crockers conduct regular customer surveys to measure the delivery of service against set benchmarks. Crockers also conduct daily internal reviews to pick up issues which may need immediate attention.

Our staff are always available to address any concerns.


Looking for an executive tenant, or to lease your high-end property?

Contact our Executive Living team for a chat or email us your enquiry and questions:

Jo Cavanagh
Phone 09 920 6302     Mobile - 0212799345   Email joannac@crockers.co.nz

Nikki Wiseman
Phone 09 623 9503      Mobile  - 0272848676  Email nikki@crockers.co.nz

Crockers Property Management Ltd is a member of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ). Our experienced Property Managers undergo regular training and development workshops.