Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

If you are interested in any of our loyalty offerings simply, call our Loyalty Coordinator on 09 920 6300 or email us on connect@crockers.co.nz, or contact your Crockers contact person.

What can I get?

Realty Referral
Sell your property through our Realty Team and list it exclusively with us and you will receive;

  • $1,000 + GST off our standard commission rates, and
  • If the property you are selling is administered by our Body Corporate team then you will receive the Pre-Contract Disclosure Statement for FREE, (which is required by law when selling a Unit Title property), this normally costs $280 + GST

Word of Mouth Referral
Refer a new client to us and once the property is tenanted or, settlement of the sale of your referred property or signing of a new body corporate agreement with a new complex - you get the choice of either:

  • $1,000 paid into your bank account or
  • $1,000 worth of Vouchers or
  • $1,000 worth of Crockers services

For multiple property referrals with the same owner, see Crockers Connect terms and conditions for referral breakdown.

Body Corporate Referral
Bring a new Body Corporate complex onboard and the new incoming complex will receive 6 months free body corporate administration fees subject to a signed 36 month term contract.  Other standard charges still apply.  You must be an existing Crockers client and be part of the new incoming body corporate complex to receive the 6 months FREE body corporate management fees.

What is it?

Crockers Connect is an exclusive opportunity for our existing clients, recognising their loyalty within our business, through a series of special offerings. These offers are not available to non-Crockers clients. 

Who is eligible?

Any person who is an existing client of Crockers Property Management (Landlord or Tenant) or Crockers Body Corporate Management (Unit Owner). If you are a Realty client of Crockers, you must have bought or sold a property through Crockers Realty within the last 12 months to be eligible.

How do I refer?

Call our Loyalty Co-Ordinator on 09 920 6300 or email us on connect@crockers.co.nz, or contact your normal Crockers contact person.

Who do I talk to?

Call our Loyalty Coordinator on 09 920 6300 or email us on connect@crockers.co.nz, or contact your normal Crockers contact person.

What happens at the end of the fixed term?

Our standard charges and notice periods applicable at that time will apply.

For a referral, when do I get paid?

The referrer will receive payment within 2 weeks of the following events occurring:

* Realty Sale Referral - On the settlement of the property referred.
* Body Corporate Referral - On the signing of the body corporate
  management agreement for a minimum term of 36 months for the complex

How many times can I refer?

There is no limit on the number of referrals you can refer.

Can I refer my own Body Corporate that is not administered by Crockers?

Yes you can.  To receive the 6 months FREE body corporate management fees, you must be an existing client of Crockers and be a member of the incoming new body corporate complex.

Can I bring across more than one Property Management, Body Corporate complex or property to sell?

Yes you can.
You will receive the offer on each property you give us to manage, sell, or body corporate complex to administer.

Does this apply for my existing property?

If you place your property with another division then yes it does. It doesn't apply if the property is currently serviced by that division. The offers apply to new business you bring to a Crockers Division, i.e. if your property is administered by our Body Corporate division and you place it with our Property Management team or sell it through our Realty team then the offers do apply and visa versa. The offer does not apply to: Holiday Rentals, Car Parks or Specialised Student Accommodation.

What if I take a property away from Crockers and then bring it back?

The offers do not apply to any property that we have previously managed and is brought back within a 12 month period.

What happens if someone else refers the same person?

The person who first gives us the referral will be treated as the referrer and paid accordingly. Crockers will be the sole arbiter of this.

Can new clients get these offers?

Unfortunately not, these offers are exclusive to existing clients. Once you are a client of one of our divisions then you become eligible.