Terms and Conditions

Realty Offering

Property for sale must be listed with Crockers Realty as a sole and exclusive basis. 
The FREE Pre-Contract Disclosure Statement only applies for properties that are administered by Crockers Body Corporate Management Limited. (normal price $280+GST)
Discount is off our standard commission rates at time of listing.
Please note, only your Pre-Contract Disclosure Statement is provided free of charge.  Your Pre-Settlement Disclosure Statement (upon sale) is a separate conveyancing cost.

Property Management Offering

Bring a new property to be managed by our Property Management team and we will put $1,000 into your bank account. This is subject to you signing a 12 month contract, the property being tenanted and other standard charges still apply.

Word Of Mouth Referral Offering

You must introduce a new client to Crockers Property Management or Crockers Realty or a body corporate complex to Crockers Body Corporate Management.
In the case of referral by more than one person the person who first gives us the referral will be treated as the referrer and paid accordingly. Crockers will be the sole arbiter of this.
Payment of the referral will only be either;
*   $1,000 Paid into your bank account or
*   $1,000 Prezzie Card, Westfield voucher or MTA voucher or
*   $1,000 Worth of Crockers services

For multiple property referrals with the same owner, the referral payment will be either by; Payment into your bank account, Prezzie card, Westfield voucher, MTA voucher or Crockers Services to the value of:
1st property referred                          $1,000 
Every additional property referred     $250

The referrer will receive payment within 2 weeks of the following events occurring;
*  Property Management Referral - Having a signed management agreement for
a minimum of 12 months at our standard rates at the time and the property
being tenanted.
*  Realty Sale  Referral - On the settlement of the property referred.
*  Body Corporate Referral - On the signing of the body corporate management
agreement for a minimum term of 36 months for the complex referred.

You will not be paid a referral fee on the referral of your own property or that of an entity that you are deemed to have an ownership or vested interest in, i.e. property is owned by a Trust, Limited Liability Company, or Partnership where you are a beneficiary, executor, shareholder, director or partner.
For a body corporate referral we will require you to give us the name and contact details of the committee chairperson and the latest AGM minutes and/or budget.

Who is eligible?

Any person who is an existing client of Crockers Property Management (Landlord or Tenant) or Crockers Body Corporate Management (Unit Owner). If you are a Realty client of Crockers, you must have bought or sold a property through Crockers Realty within the last 12 months to be eligible. Crockers Realty and Crockers Property Management Loyalty offers are available for properties within the greater Auckland region only.


Crockers Property (or known as Crockers) reserves the right to withdraw/amend the offers at any time. Any outstanding referrals or transactions underway will be honoured subject to the transaction concluding within 30 days of the notification of amendment or withdrawal.

As of 12 June 2017, notice is hereby given that any advertisement of Crockers Loyalty Offers for Property Management, Body Coporate, Realty or Word of Mouth shown on any printed or digital marketing literature will expire on 30 September 2017.

Notification of amendment or withdrawal of the offers will be deemed to occur once we have published notification on our website.

Should any dispute occur in relation to Crockers Connect or the offerings in relation to it then Crockers are the sole arbiter and have the final decision on any outcome.

Crockers Property is the sole arbiter on eligibility of a client or property in relation to these offerings.

If you need any further information, please contact us on:
Call 09 920 6300 or email connect@crockers.co.nz