Why Choose Crockers?

Does your current property manager provide you with...

  • A money back service guarantee?                 
  • Zero tolerance for rent arrears?
  • Intelligent, honest feedback and advice?
  • Comprehensive account management?
  • High impact marketing of your property?
  • A dedicated single point of contact?
  • A smooth leasing process?
  • 24/7 emergency service for you and your tenant?
  • Maximised returns?
  • Regular market research?

If not, then contact Liz Gemmell on phone 021 281 3034 or email liz@crockers.co.nz

Crockers reputation is based on a proud family tradition of integrity that forms the cornerstone of our group's culture and the way we do business. New Zealand owned, we've been around for over 40 years and are the largest single office property management company in New Zealand.

We offer a 'hands on' personalised property management service, have a team of over 25 property managers and believe the key to our success is the personal relationships we have developed with our customers over the years.

We have a zero tolerance rent arrears policy and when we do business with you, we really care about the outcome for both of us. Through our many years of experience, we have fine tuned our processes and systems to ensure your property is managed to the best possible standards - keeping you and your tenants happy.

What makes Crockers Property Management different?... watch our short video 

Crockers Property Management Ltd is licensed under the Real Estate Agents Authority and is an accredited member of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ). Our Property Managers undergo regular training and development workshops.



Crockers的声誉是建立在一个引以为傲的家庭传统——诚信之上,这构成了我们集团文化的基石, 也是我们开展业务的方式。我们是新西兰本土超过四十年经营历史的公司,同时也是新西兰独立规模最大的物业管理企业。


我们对于租客拖欠租金采取零容忍的政策,当您成为我们的客户时,我们真正关心的是大家能够达到双赢的结果。 通过我们多年的行业经验,我们精心打造并调整我们的流程和系统,以确保对您的物业的管理达到最佳的水准 – 让您与您的租客都满意。


  • 退款服务保证
  • 租金拖欠零容忍
  • 诚实的反馈和建议
  • 全面的帐户管理
  • 针对您的物业进行高效的推广
  • 一个专一的单点联系人
  • 一个顺利的出租过程
  • 方便您和您租户联系的7*24的紧急联络服务
  • 最大化的回报
  • 定期的市场调研

若想获取出租评估,请联系 Leon Ma
电话:09 968 3330    手机号码: 021 575 419    电子邮箱:leon@crockers.co.nz



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Frequently Asked Questions

Money Back Service Guarantee

The highest standards of honesty, integrity and professional practice will be conducted in compliance with the Code of Ethics of the Real
Estate Agents Act 2008. If we let you down, our Service Guarantee states the next three month’s management of your property will be provided FREE of charge.

That is how much we believe in our people and what they do. However this guarantee does not apply when we are requested to carry out non-standard duties or in the event of matters outside our control, ie: natural disaster or accident.

Zero Tolerance Rent Arrears Policy

Hands up if you enjoy chasing late rent payments? We didn’t think so. We have a zero tolerance policy towards arrears, and have robust
systems for chasing them up.


Ever had a property sit vacant for five weeks despite running yourself ragged trying to find someone to fill it? Maybe the rent is too high, the
advertising is in the wrong publication, the location is unappealing, or the wallpaper is out of date? The experience and in depth market
knowledge of the Crockers Property Management team can help you answer those questions and ensure your property enjoys maximum
occupancy at the best possible rent.

Market Information and Advice

Crockers has over 100 qualified staff with years of experience in the Auckland property market, all of whom are knowledgeable and love what they do. Our Property Managers, Body Corporate Account Managers and Real Estate Property Specialists can provide you with valuable advice and information about your property that will make it that much easier to manage.

Every month we distribute research on Auckland’s property market. We look at issues impacting the marketplace and provide sales and rental statistical data, CPII survey results from investors, comparisons of various suburbs and other cities; and so much more.


Properties that are professionally managed enjoy access to insurance that other properties don’t, including malicious tenant damage,
absconded tenants and loss or damage to your building and contents.


At Crockers, we keep an eye on your property when you can’t and provide regular inspection reports. We also have access to top
tradespeople at competitive rates and can take care of the problem before you even know it’s there. Of course you can do your own
maintenance work, but it really is a better idea to leave it in our hands. After all, it is a responsibility that is reinforced by the Residential
Tenancies Act.


Sadly, mediation and tenancy tribunal hearings are part of the territory when you have an investment property. Having a Property Manager means we attend these meetings for you if the need arises.


It’s a hard road finding the right tenants, and it can be a long one too. Even after spending time working through an exhausting number of checks, it’s easy to be fooled. Our industry leading processes screen out unsuitable tenants and leave you with one, if not a list of candidates you can feel good about living in your property.


In today’s busy world, balancing family life and your job is hard enough, let alone making time to manage your investment property. Having a professional Property Manager gives you back your life, or at least more time for the fun parts.


We respond to a tenant’s emergency call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So when something goes wrong at 3am, it’s one of us who gets
out of bed, not you.

Customer Service

On the other side, possible tenants are busy people too. They want to know as much as they can before they make time to view a property, and expect to be able to view a home at a time that suits them.

Just like you, they also want to know they’re dealing with professional people with integrity. By choosing Crockers, you set a great impression right from the start, attracting the best tenants.