Investor Insight

Investor Insight with Tony Alexander - November 2021

Rising mortgage rates have yet to alter buying and selling intentions, and debt repayment is not being accelerated. However, more investors are looking to fix their interest rates for longer periods. One-quarter of investors planning a purchase will develop a property(s) themselves.
November 2021

Investor Insight with Tony Alexander - October 2021

Lockdown has not brought about a sustained deterioration in investor plans to purchase property. Rising interest rates have yet to incentivise selling by investors. Planned resource consent changes on intensification have yet to shift intentions more towards purchasing new builds. No trend changes in rents growth are apparent.
October 2021

Investor Insight with Tony Alexander - September 2021

Investors are showing slightly less inclination to buy again and marginally more inclination to sell. There is a slight easing trend in the average rent increase desired by investors. They perceive a slight toughening instance from their banks. There is no discernable change in sentiment arising from Auckland’s latest lockdown (despite over 50% of the responses being from that region).
September 2021

Investor Insight with Tony Alexander - August 2021

Investor plans to sell their properties are declining. An even spread of preference for fixing mortgage interest rates. Despite expectations of higher mortgage rates, no lift in intentions to repay debt. 18% of investors say March 23 tax changes have encouraged them to sell, 12% say they will hold their properties. If mortgage rates were to rise 3%, only 8% of investor say they would be forced to sell property.
August 2021

Investor Insight with Tony Alexander - July 2021

The key points of interest from July’s Investor Insight survey include the following: There is no strong impact as yet from discussions about rising mortgage rates. There has been a rise in the proportion of investors preferring to buy a new rather than existing property. Tax rule changes are a factor for about one-third of investors planning to sell.
July 2021

Investor Insight with Tony Alexander - June 2021

Results for the Investor Insight survey rolled out in June. This first survey gives us some valuable insights into the structure of the residential property investment sector.
June 2021