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Crockers Multi Living October - December 2017

ISSUE 44  |  October - December 2017

In July 2017 Crockers made the exciting announcement that we had partnered with Limited in a 5 x 5 year technology licence agreement that will see the Urbanise platform implemented across our Crockers Body Corporate Management portfolio by early 2018.

Tony Dangerfield, CEO, Crockers said, “After an extensive review of technology options from New Zealand and Australia, we concluded that Urbanise offered Crockers the most comprehensive solution. The platform’s scalability and focus on customer-facing solutions aligns with our vision as the most innovative Body Corporate management company in New Zealand.”

Urbanise’s Global Head of Strata David Bugden added, “Urbanise’s recent expansion into New Zealand has received a significant boost with the news that we have secured a long- term partnership with New Zealand’s largest body corporate management company, Crockers. We have been impressed by Crockers’ vision for the future and their exciting growth plans, and we look forward to working with them to improve efficiencies and the services they provide to their customers.”

Here’s a look at some of the features we’ll have available to our customers via the new online portal, MyCommunity:
Individual tailored website for your complex
Live Community Event and Community Wall
Real Time Financial Reporting – Annual Budget, P&L Statement, Balance Sheets and General Ledger
Levy Payment History – showing all credits and debits
Building Reports
Online Payment Portal
Maintenance and Service Requests

When will MyCommunity be live?

Our Project team are currently working extensively to ensure all of the data is in the correct format for the changeover, which we expect to happen late 2017/early 2018. We will be releasing the new platform out in stages, and our customers will be fully informed every step of the way. We’ll be communicating with each complex prior to their scheduled changeover and your Account Manager will be working closely with you throughout this time. Please feel free to contact your Account Manager at any time for an update on how the transition targets are going.

Process for a Motion With and Without Amendments – How Does It All Work?

As you will be aware, the Unit Titles Act 2010 requires that all proposed resolutions must be detailed on the Agenda so that owners have enough information about any business which is to be discussed at the meeting to decide whether or not they wish to attend in person, provide a proxy or provide a completed postal voting form. Before a resolution is passed at a General Meeting there is a process which is generally observed.

Although there are variations on the performance depending on what type of General Meeting you are attending the following is the practice that is generally accepted and followed at General Meetings for bodies corporate. Before a resolution is carried it is referred to as a ‘motion’. The process for carrying a substantive motion without amendments is more straightforward than a motion which has amendments, particularly if there are a number of amendments for the proposed motion. The processes for a motion without amendments and a motion with amendments are detailed in the following flow charts.



Meet The Team

As part of an ongoing series, we would like to introduce you to our Body Corporate team. This is an insight into team members and what they do as an integral part of Crockers. Meet Carole Fann, Body Corporate Account Manager at Crockers. Carole joined the Crockers Body Corporate Management team as an Account Manager in June 2016 and prior to that, held an Account Manager role at Strata Title Administration Limited for over 6 years.

Attention to detail, in-depth experience and knowledge, plus a strong work ethic are Carole’s core strengths. Her easy going personality has made it effortless for her to build great relationships with her clients and her team members. Building long term relationships and listening to her client’s needs is very important to Carole. Wherever possible, Carole likes to share her extensive knowledge of the Unit Titles Act 2010 and the Regulations 2011 with her Body Corporate Committees and Chairpersons, ensuring they are 100% informed and up-to-date.

Carole emigrated from Cape Town, South Africa at the end of 2009 and is excited to claim that she is a New Zealand citizen!