In response to Covid-19 Level 3, our offices will be closed from midday 12th August. With all our staff working remotely as per the government guidelines.

You can continue to interact with us as you normally have been via phone or email – however, please note that we are receiving a large volume of inquiries currently.  If we take longer than usual to respond to your inquiry, please bear with us and we will get back to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs published on 14/08/2020

This update was published on 14/08/2020  |  Please refer back to this page for updates.

Routine inspections

Routine Inspections cannot be carried out at Level 3


Maintenance can only go ahead in an emergency or with tenants approval. Most tradespeople will only attend maintenance for health and safety matters.

Rental Viewings

Private viewings strictly by appointment only and with the consent of the client and property occupants/ tenants

Bond Refunds

  • Vacate inspections can now be carried out so bond refunds will be processed as per normal. The Bond Center has a backlog of refunds to process and it can take up to 10+ working days for them to refund a bond.
  • Vacate inspections can not be completed with the tenant present.

I can’t get hold of the property manager

Due to the Covid-19 alert level 3, we are receiving a higher than normal volume of inquiries from tenants, landlords & contractors. Please bear with us and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as we can.

Can I move into a new rental property if I am a tenant?

Under level 3 tenants are allowed to move to a new house and moving companies will be able to help tenants. Movers will have to adhere to physical distancing rules and should keep records for contact tracing purposes.

Can I still move tenancies if I am self-isolating with a suspected / confirmed case of Covid-19?

You should follow Ministry of Health guidelines and stay self-isolated in your current property until you are recovered if possible.

If your new tenancy was to be a periodic tenancy, you can give 21 days’ notice on it. You may have to pay double rent during this time, but you should see if you can come to an arrangement with the landlord.

If your new tenancy was to be a fixed term, you should try to come to an arrangement with the landlord to cancel it. We encourage landlords to be flexible during these difficult times.

If you can’t come to an agreement, you should apply to the Tribunal under the grounds of unforeseen hardship to reduce the term of the tenancy.

What can tenants do if their landlord evicts then when they have tested positive or are symptomatic with COVID-19?

Landlords are not allowed to terminate tenancies on the basis that a tenant has Covid-19. Under the new laws it is an unlawful act to terminate a tenancy without grounds. The Tribunal may impose a

financial penalty on a landlord who terminates a tenancy without grounds, for example if they terminate a tenancy on the basis that a tenant has Covid-19.

What happens if my Property Manager is sick?

As Crockers is New Zealand's largest Property Management company it means we have the resources and staff members to provide cover. So should your Property Manager become sick then we would notify you of the contact details of another property manager to assist you in their absence.