Real Estate Sales

Crockers are committed to going above and beyond to ensure the safety and well-being of our team and our clients. To help contain the spread of COVID-19, and in line with the Governments escalation our office is working remotely, but be assured we will still be contactable by phone or email for any property related queries. 

Listed below are the answers to frequently asked questions regarding Realty Sales that may be of interest to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Open Homes/Private viewings

  • Under Level 3 guidelines our agents are not able to hold open homes. Private viewings are available strictly by appointment only with consent of the client and property occupants/tenants. A maximum of 2 private viewings can be held per day and these must be contactless with the appropriate tracing and hygiene practices.
  • Agents will be collecting details of everyone attending the private viewing to ensure that the contact tracing can be carried out if required.
  • We will continue to be using technological tools to enable you to view as much of the property’s features remotely as possible prior to attending a private viewing.


Auctions can be done by phone or online bidding only.

Negotiations & documentation

Negotiating and executing agreements must be contactless. Agreements can be drawn up and executed via online methods, or via courier.


During level 3, many vendors and purchasers will be able to settle property sales. However, depending on the circumstances, some settlements may still need to be deferred. The parties’ lawyers will need to make appropriate amendments to the contract where this is necessary.

Moving if a property settles during lockdown

  • Settlements and moving house can occur.
  • Moves can occur inter-regionally

Can I move house if my property settles during Level 3?

  • Settlements and moving house can occur, but must occur in a contactless fashion.
  • Moves can occur inter-regionally – but once, and in one direction only.
  • Be aware – moving companies are very busy, so confirm you can get a moving company before confirming your revised settlement date.

Tenanted property sales

Auckland District Law Society have considered situations where sales may not involve people leaving their home or any in-person contact (e.g. where a property is tenanted and the tenancy will continue after settlement) and have advised that whilst settlement can occur where no one is to have contact, purchasers and vendors may encounter difficulties when trying to get A&I, mortgage instruction, and other legal forms issued and signed. So, deferring settlement may still be the safest option. We would strongly recommend that the parties seek and follow the advice of their lawyers and not assume settlement can or will be able to occur. Physical property inspections may only occur with the consent of the occupants and only under procedures set out by REINZ, in conjunction with Worksafe and the REA.

Bridging finance

Vendors/purchasers should talk to their bank or financial services provider in the first instance


Conditional contracts

  • These can still be confirmed during level 3.
  • Inspections by professionals can only take place where the inspection is a condition of a sale and purchase agreement signed by the parties, and where the inspection cannot be carried out remotely.
  • If a property is tenanted, the consent of the tenant is required to any inspections.
  • If an inspection is not able to be undertaken the parties should take legal advice and either extend the condition or cancel the contract.
  • The parties’ lawyers will make appropriate amendments to the contract to facilitate this.

Pre-settlement inspections

  • Inspections can be conducted in person by the buyers. These must be contactless and the correct tracing and hygiene protocols must be followed. 
  • Inspections by professionals such as valuers and building Inspectors are also able to carry out inspections on properties where the inspection is a condition of a sale and purchase agreement signed by the parties and where the inspection cannot be carried our remotely.

FAQs published on 13/08/2020

This update was published on 14/05/2020 |  Please refer back to this page for updates.