Community Living and Body Corporate

In response to Covid-19 Level 3, our offices will be closed from midday 12th August.

What does this mean for you?

You can still continue to interact with us as you normally have been via phone or email. Essential services will continue e.g. power, gas, water, fire, security, lifts if applicable, rubbish collection and we will continue to pay creditors on your behalf in a timely manner.

What will change?

In accordance with the Level 3 protocols, we will move away from face-to-face meetings and run meetings virtually. Our team are all set up to use Microsoft Teams. For any AGMs or committee meetings, your account manager will send you a meeting invite to attend virtually via MS Teams. It is a really easy process of simply clicking on a couple of links and this can be done using your smart phone, iPad, laptop or desktop.

If you download the app (free from the App Store for Android & Apple), you do get a greater range of functionality. You can choose to leave your camera on so everyone can you see you face-to-face, or turn it off. If your sound quality is poor, turning the video off may assist to improve the sound quality.

In larger meetings, we may move to mute participants and use the chat function instead. We will also be recording each meeting to assist with ensuring the accuracy of the minutes. The recording will be deleted once the minutes have been distributed.

Non-essential services will pause, meaning that pool servicing and gardening, for example, may not be possible.  We will work through this with contractors on a case by case, complex by complex basis.  Please be aware of this, and refrain from using facilities such as pools during the lockdown period.

We have beaten this before and together we can do it again. Please take care of yourselves and your communities.  

Please see our protocols tab on how best to contact our team during the lockdown period. We are here to help.