Community Living Body Corporate Webinar Series

Community Living / Body Corporate Client Webinar Series

Our 'Community Living / Body Corporate Client Webinar Series' is an exclusive benefit available to Crockers clients only. Our free webinar series will cover a range of topics that we think will be of interest to our community of owners across the range of multi living entities we service – Bodies Corporate, Resident’s Societies, Laneway Societies, Cross Leases and more. We will take you through the basics of the legal, need-to-know, and day-to-day living operations of different community living types. You’ll gain tools to feel more confident within your legal framework, and help you to add further value to your community, your home and your investment.


Healthy Homes in a Body Corporate – info for Landlords and Committees. | Tuesday 21 July at 6pm


The deadline for declarations on Healthy Homes compliance has been moved back from 1 July to 1 December, but the deadline for compliance remains 1 July 2021. Landlords who own in a unit titled property may need to work with their body corporate committee on matters like placement of inverters, penetrations in cladding for bathroom and kitchen ventilation, while committees are fielding questions and requests from their owners.

This webinar will cover:

  • Which issues are for the body corporate to deal with
  • Which are the province of owners?
  • What decisions does the body corporate have to make, and how do owners get a say in those decisions?
  • What is HomeFit and how does that tie into the discussion?

Join us for this panel discussion featuring our General Manager of Property Management Joe Schellack and our General Manager of Body Corporate, Victor Jamieson as we discuss these points and more. 

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Beginners Guide to Understanding Financials  |  Tuesday 18 August

About: Do you wonder what the difference is between an operating fund, contingency fund and long term maintenance fund? Are you a Committee Member or new owner, and just want to know how to get the essentials from your financial accounts? Then this Webinar is for you.

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